"I Love You"

June 27, 2011
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Prolonging the fight the girl bantered back
Her loving mother she chose to attack.
As the loving mother soon withdrew,
She concluded the fight saying “I love you”.

Running away and slamming the door
It was her loving mother she chose to ignore.
Not thinking twice
About soon having to pay a dreaded price.

As the next morning drew near
The girl was filled with copious fear.
The sirens howling and car lights beaming
She was praying to god that she was just dreaming.

As the medic walked by
She then started to cry.
He whispered in her ear
What her loving mother wanted her to hear.

“I searched all day and night
And I’m sorry that this had to conclude our fight.
Our relationship I’ve been hoping to renew,
Just know that I love you.”

With that she walked over to the pile of glass
Right next to the heaping aluminum mass.
She grabbed a hold of her loving mother’s hand
And whispered I love you too, I’m sorry I didn’t understand.”

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