Fair Wintter

June 26, 2011
Gentle snowflakes have never been so lost.

Landing on the gentle scene of the summer’s sun.

Smoothing out the rugged land to frost.

Sets the sun, the heat of the day is done.

Goodbye to what we once knew.

Farewell, good season, you’ve prepared me well.

Lift your head and do not be so blue.

I’ll return again because I do not dwell.

This is farewell good season, I love you greatly.

Your arms had seized such a warm embrace.

I’ll be strong like you for you’ve been here lately.

Do not fear as I do, the sun has forever warmed this place.

Hello winter’s wind, you say you offer greatness.

I pray for sweet ease yet I need your protection.

Remember these words of warmth are never aimless

Winters wind, will you offer love and affection?

Do we see something familiar in one another?

Protect me fair season, for I need you now.

Are we so lonely that we will befriend every other?

I look up to you and ask myself how?

I beg you fair winter, please speak the harsh truth.

Be gentle fair winter, for I love my summer.

The heat is where I’ve spent my youth.

Fear stricken, like a sheep, a heart like a drummer.

Good winter, you stood like you cared yet you left like no other.

Your abuse cannot compare to my good summers pain.

Fair summer, why had I left like a lover left my mother?

Why had I agreed to leave with my good summer’s bane?

Forgive me fair summer and allow my safe return.

Violent winter, why do I linger in your uncaring hold?

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