Little Mary

June 26, 2011
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Round, Round, round,
The mirth that I abound,
Down, Up and Up, Down,
On a pony doing rounds.
My head’s rolling – light and merry,
Hanging on tight to the cheerful ferry.
I look around, and everyone’s glad;
Parents are smiling – today they’re not mad.
The music is bouncy - full of joy and jingle,
As adrenaline and excitement, both gushes mingle.
Clinging to my plastic animal is all I can do,
Riding the merry-go-round, is all I want to!
My eyes twinkle, and my hair flies,
But the ride slows down, and the music dies.
Parents reach out to put us down,
And the merry refuses to go round.
Mama smiles at me, and brings me near,
Little Mary, did you have fun dear?
I hug her neck and cheerily smile,
But I don’t want to let go for a while.
Back to monotonous life, I accept papa’s hand,
I relish my short ride, legs back on solid land.

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