the thing once lost is finally found.

December 20, 2007
By Kimberly French, Panama City, FL

You're the one I have been waiting for,
I don't feel incomplete anymore,
For its you that filled that part,
And now I love you with all my heart.
You were sent to me from up above,
Filled with all your tender love,
Now that you're here in my life,
From my heart you removed the knife.
I tried to love other once before
But now you are the one that I adore
You came to me and swept me off my feet,
Now finally I feel whole and complete.
For now your name is in my heart,
It's lonely whenever we are apart,
It's in there and forever it will stay,
Even till my last living day.
For now I thank God for all he has done,
Leading me to you, my life has only begun,
You make me so happy whenever you are around,
For the thing once lost is finally found.

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