The Angel Among Us

December 20, 2007
By Kaitlyn Manley, Loveland, OH

The Face of an Angel,
The Heart of a Song.
Every night I pray,
God, don't let me be wrong.
The life of a magic woman,
The death of Fate.
The wonders that she opened,
The tears that are hate.
I saw an Angel among us,
And that's when I knew.
Yet, now I pray to God,
Won't you let it, Let it be true?
I live in fear of being wrong,

Ever after the end of that Song.
She knew the words I wanted to say,
And yet she let me try anyway.
She never yelled nor broke down.
'Twas rare when she was wearing a frown.
I can't Imagine the pain
That she faced through it all.
And some nights I whisper,
To her I call....
My Angel, My light for the way.
My Sun for the day.
She was my singer and
Now I fear the Song,
For I want it to be right,
And I fear being wrong.
There was an Angel among us,
And I held her hand,
She told me to stand strong, stand.
There was an Angel among us,
And I sung her words for a while.
Now I guess it's time to sing again.
I know it'll make her smile.
For there is an Angel among us,
With me now and as long as I say,
The words that she gave me...
My light for the day.

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