her broken suicide

June 20, 2011
By riversain DIAMOND, Clearlake, California
riversain DIAMOND, Clearlake, California
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the promises never kept
the unmended heart
the love that would never start
tonight you broke her heart
to her love is now a lie
nothing well help her now when she starts to cry
she had a wish not to live but to die
you were unbroken and unfazed
you looked at her with a heartless gaze
you took every thing from her
she said she would die for you
so after you broke her she had nothing
she faked a smile
every day she would walk a extra mile
no one saw her pain
no one new that she was slowly going insane
no one ever thought she would be this bad
not even her father new she was sad
every night she would cry herself to sleep
but not any one herd her weep
she slowly started to fade away
she lost a pound a day
she wore baggy close to hide her body
she was to full of shame
no one new her secret hidden deep within her
she was slowly slipping away
she didn't want to live another day
she wanted piece just for a one more day
from this pain she was going insane
no one new this could happen to her
she was an a grade student
an overachiever
she was every thing any one could wish to be
but because of you she well never again be happy
she gave up
she let go of this painful world
all alone she laid in her bed
and said her last good byes
in her hand was a note to you saying i could never go on without you
she said love is just a slow form of suicide
an no one ever herd her when she cried
she said because of you she lied
her smiling face and her laughter was nothing but a lie
she will never again cry

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