Dear Agony

May 15, 2011
Listen, let me tell you a story,

Of a thousand kids like me.

Hearts tattered, beat and battered,

Tossed like a boat upon the sea.

And these kids, they have much to say

It’s for this reason I won’t delay

I’ll read you the letter
From a young girl named Heather

As she considered departing from the world today.

Dear Agony,

I’m finding this life a tough one,

It’s true, I’ve given up for a while.
You don’t know me, the things I’ve seen,

Or what I hide behind this smile.

I want to be locked away,

Tucked in, and put up where my mind can go astray.

You see, my mind’s more like a violet

My thoughts entangled in thorns.

I could be like a bunch of roses,

But then I’d have to conform.

Dear Agony,
Have you ever thought about stepping back,

And considering others as well?
You don’t know me, the things I’ve seen,

Or my inevitable he**.

I believe in respect for others,

And we should coexist with all.
These kids, they tease and bully me
They make fun of my clothes and hair.
I guess I can’t see the things they see,

I don’t blame them, why should they care?

I feel like an ugly duckling
Alone, and stranded in a pond of swans.

I’ve yet to spread my own wings,

No, I can’t, for they’re long gone.

Dear Agony,
I think it would be better if I just left,

And rid the world of another duckling like me,

I’m sorry I couldn’t live up to your expectations, Mom.

And be everything you wanted me to be.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be here, and say what I wanted to say,

But the world is tired of my voice

And that’s why I’m dying today.

Dear Agony,

These kids, they’re so ignorant,

Their hearts tender and soft like a lamb.

It brings me back to last year,

When these kids did something horrible to Sam.

Sam was a good boy,

He was smart, and I’d known him for so long.

But these kids they didn’t understand him,

He was a little different than other boys

And with him, they thought something was wrong.

He was a little lighter on his feet

Took more of an interest to theatre than football.

For the most part Sam was ignored,

Until he came out of the closet for all.

It’s for this reason that one day,

On a Tuesday, I believe, a quarter past one,

We found Sam, back in the closet,

But this time, on a rope he was hung.

But you see I don’t have the same problem,

For me it’s a different story.

I’m bullied for my appearance,

And my quiet disposition.

I’d tell them why I act this way,

If only they would listen.

Dear Agony,

My parents have had problems at home,

Sometimes I get scared they’ll split up

Sometimes I feel like it’s all me

And I’m the burden they’ve given up.

I wish they could see how alone I feel

Like a candle left to burn in the dark

I want a life that’s unreal

I want an explanation for this broken heart.

Dear Agony,

Though I sentence myself to this dark end,

And I’ve had my many failures

Maybe there’s something else to live for

Maybe this broken heart can mend.

You see, I have this passion for music,

And all the stories it has to share

Music really is my outlet

When the world’s too much to bear.

And yea you might say my music’s scary,

Harsh, or just plain sad

But whats really scary is rappers today

Trashing women.

Not even feeling bad.

And the kids, they seem to love it.

But really who needs those kids,

I’d rather be with ugly ducklings like me.

We’re the ones with open minds

Hearts running wild, and spirit’s set free.

I think I’ll give this life another try,

Let’s hope it doesn’t cheat me.

Even though I’ve yet to understand why,

Maybe it’d be better if I just let it be.

I want to live a life that’s valuable

And find meaning in the words unsaid,

And though I’m not sure about you

I’d rather be warmed by my own virtues

Than be cold, and left for dead.

Dear Agony,

And it’s for this reason that I’m signing this letter today,

Alive, and well on my way,

I’ll try to be more clever, say things without ‘never’,

And look forward to a world that’s better.

Sincerely yours,


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