December 20, 2007
By Julianna Hurtado, Carrollton, TX


Pillow, comfort me;

I lay restless with my stifled apathy

Blanket, keep me warm from the bitter cold;

A draft disperses into my heart

Stuffed bear, stay with me;

You are the one who i can hold onto

Mother, shut the door behind you;

I desiderate the peace that you suppress

Brother, find happy dreams;

You are crawling away from us

Smelly dog, stop being so smelly;

You shed balls of fur as you lie sprawled on the floor

Grandmother, bestow your hindrances aside;

Remember the last time you felt genuine exuberance.

Friends, grant me placidity;

Apprehend, issue after issue, i haven't had time for my own

Love, don't let me fall;

You rush towards me, I am unsure of this revolution

Child, slow down your pace;

This unsteady heartbeat is worrisome, You let her pain become your demons

Musician, quiet down;

The sounds will never leave you

Moon, flaunt your light;

Unclouded, we depend on your presence to bear affliction

girl, come out from behind that wall;

Inclination will defeat you, Excessive attempts to hide are futile

I am weary

Help me surpass this time of mindly chaos

Sleep, render to me

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