June 25, 2011
By JelliJessi GOLD, Lake Stevens, Washington
JelliJessi GOLD, Lake Stevens, Washington
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You stand so strong,
but oh, you’re so wrong.
You’ve sewn my heart back together,
but then you ripped it apart forever.

You assumed we belong
except we were so wrong.
You’ve held me together
however you let me go forever.
Why did you do it?
Do you admit?

You did chose wrong.
You realized you made me strong
you just had to break me again
then you begin,
all over again.

You trapped me under your spell
into the place I describe as hell.
You said you loved me
although you made me bleed.
My heart was aching
from the pain I was taking
I knew I had to get out
I couldn’t though because of my doubts

I tried to get away, I tried to run
because I was done.
You were a sickness and you were going to destroy me
I asked you to let me be
to let me free.
I didn’t know what it was like to see,
humanity from such a striking view
without you.

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