December 20, 2007
It’s 7:28
I’m sitting on my floor
Trying not to cry
I just can’t take anymore
My heart hurts too much
It’s 8:01
I’m lying on my bed
Letting my tears flow
It’s not easy to admit
I’ve fallen this low
It’s 9:33
My mind begins to cloud
It’s hard to believe
An empty room
Can be so loud
It’s 10:16
I’m against the window
Looking out at the dwindling light
Praying for help
To get through this night
It’s 11:48
My hand’s on the phone
But I tell myself
I need to do this alone
No matter the difficulty
It’s 12:59
Through my dimness of hope
In the darkness of night
I see a beautiful new start
Shining bright

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