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June 25, 2011
By AustinEngle SILVER, Aledo, Illinois
AustinEngle SILVER, Aledo, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Fearing the fears provided by reality, is far more frighting than cowering to the phobias manifested by the ancient tongue of paranoia" ~ Alexander J. Dawson

Please stop, stop it please,

You treat me like some kind of disease
I'm walking down the hall

You point you laugh you point you laugh you treat me like a rag doll
I sit behind you in math
you knock my stuff off my desk

Just for a laugh
Do you feel on top of the world when your treating me like this

Would you be laughing if this was happening to your little sis
I'm walking down the stairs you follow behind

You get an idea that's just divine

You push me from top of stair number nine
I fall, I cry but you just stand there and sigh

You don't even care that I'm about to die
You don't even care that you caused my death or about the people that mourn with sorrow every night that I'm gone

You'll just find another kid to pick on.

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