The Calm Before the Storm

June 25, 2011
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There is a slight tinge of rain to come,
You can feel it in the air.
Somehow, when you breathe it in,
You are totally aware.
Suddenly you want to lie
In the emerald grass,
Leave behind your day.
Just sit here and relax.
Now you are listening,
But there isn’t a single sound.
You can not hear anything
From the earth or from the ground.
Then there’s a wisp of wind,
Winding through your hair.
It dances smoothly across your lip,
Leaving a smile there.
You feel a drip of wetness
Sliding down your cheek.
Finally here’s the moment
You always seem to seek.
Now you’re up and dancing
Running through the rain
Here is where I question
If you’re really sane.
You open up your eyes
I see your irises flash
Along with the lighting,
Followed by a crash.
That is the thunder
Drowning out the sound
Of your hysterical laughter
As you leap and bound.
From sky to Earth
From head to feet
Now you are dancing
To the never ending beat.

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