Angel of the Nigth

December 20, 2007
Angel of the Nigth

I was your firend when everyone hated you
I felt your pain when you came to me in tears
i stayed by your side when everyone made fun of you
i dryed your tears has you cryed by my side at nigth
i kept you warm on cold winter nigths
and still you fell the need to hurt me over and over agian
you forget to feed me untial told to look after me
you leave my caot in amess you never rid me thruogh the fields anymore
you never take me compet in show jumping competes anymore
but now you have to sell me
to ship me off over seas some where
i wonder if your ok
and has you sit there happy has a peach
i sit here ready to die with a tear of srrow in my
then all i can see is my life flash before my eyes
now i`m looking down on you from heaven
i saw you win your first medal
i was your mouth when you could not speak
i picked you up when you fell face first in the dirt
i was youe feet when you grew to tired to walk
twas your when you went blind and could not see anymore
i am the ears you use to hear
i became the nose you use to smell flowers with
yaers later i found the way to your heart
years later you can fianlly hear my voice years later you fioanlly realize that i was an ANGEL
now looking into youe eyes i see a taer
just one tear of srrow for all the things that you did to me
then i see a river of taers flow from your eyes
and i come to confort you has i have always did
and has we say our last good-bye
you seem to have trouble leting go
you wishper in my ear
and tell me how much you loveme
then you let go
and in my own quite way i say i`ll always be there for you.

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