June 25, 2011
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Knocks on the door,
The mood became death,
Shock turned to reality,
Swift as my stolen breath,

The candles went out,
Like the bliss in my chest
Thrust to the ground,
Heart pounding in breast,

Hinges scream,
As the wood splinters,
Flashes of light,
Bringing tears like winter,

The strange voices,
Bring thudding fear,
More juddering blasts,
Mother’s screams disappear,

The slayers had departed,
But outside the cries remain,
She’d said this would never happen,
When dad left in chains,

Now she’s not waking,
As her dress turns crimson,
The reaper comes taking,
The flame inside darkens,

Eyes locked to mine,
So deep and so leering,
Her chill hands like knives,
Cutting a soul that’s tearing,

The cool night is unforgiving,
This archway leaves me obscured,
Hidden for the cause of living,
Prayers I cry go unheard,

Tears bleed down my face,
Branding stains into my memory,
Distant stars with peaceful grace,
Stand oblivious to my misery,

Forsaken and alone,
I wait for dawn to come,
I don’t know where to go,
Mother just said to run.

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