Darkness in every corner

December 20, 2007
Darkness in every corner
eyes with bloodthirsty stares
a cry of despair is heard
i don't care.
Fires are rising
it's not fair
I'm not supposed to be here
in this place of dark fire
i gave her my soul
and she threw it away
i don't care anymore
i hate myself
black flames around me
needless to say
death is upon me
i feel its breath behind me
my soul is dying
i loved her
she knew that
gone is my love for her
gone is my soul
i feel weak
around these darkening flames
death runs afoul
my soul fed to the cerberus
who hides in the dark
the devil comes
he comes for me
as death did
as she left me
as my soul did
i have no life
that i know
as my body falls
gone is my soul
as gone as she is
i don't care
the devil comes
no cries of despair
death has come
as did she
and death has gone
as did she
the devil is here
to take me away
there is no life here
no hope to pray
my soul has whithered
my body lifeless
my love is bewildered
the darkness lifeless
the flames are die out
as do i

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