I'm from picking and shucking corn

December 20, 2007
By Lindsay Hatton, North Vernon, IN

I'm from picking and shucking corn,
Chasing the chickens 'round
And balin hay.
I'm from ridin the tractor 'round,
All day,
I'm from goin' to church every Sunday,
Singing " Amazing Grace,"
From buildin' benches, trash cans, and stools,
To picnicing on April fools.
On October 15,2000, the fun ended.
Reality started to begin,
Everything good just came to an end.
"Life is rough!"
That's what he said,
Don't be stupid,
Use your head.
Don't go crazy because of people,
Only go crazy when you're sain.
Have fun,
And leave the tears behind,
Don't cry for me,
For I'm in a better place.

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