What If?

June 24, 2011
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If you’re on top of everything, what would challenge you?
If you had everything you ever wanted, there’s no point to strive for anything since you already have it.
If you’ve done everything and lived to the fullest, what’s the point of there being a tomorrow?
We take each day in stride, and do things a little at a time, why do we though?
To pass the time and not be bored the rest of our lives.
Because if we do everything at the one moment, how special will the next day be?
None really.
We’d still be bored, with nothing to keep us entertained.
We’d be couch potatoes until the day when our life goes on to the next.
But who are we, humans, to say there won’t be anything new the next and every other day?
What if there was more than what we do?
More than what we have done?
And more of what we’re meant to do?
We are who we are.
We choose our path.
What we do one day, and what we do the next.
We ourselves are the masters of our own “destinies”, if there is even something that has already decided our “fate”.
We are human, so what if we humans have more control of our so called “destiny”?
What if we decide our “fate”?
Well we do, most of us only think we don’t.
But we do.

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