High School,A Tragedy

June 24, 2011
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Tears roll down on my eyes, swollen red is my face,
Feel torn and shattered, lost in life’s maze.

My body is shivering, I cry and cry,
But there’s no one to hear me
No one to ask why

There’s no space left in my heart
Its all filled with confused emotions-
Regret ,jealousy ,hatred, anger , loneliness . . . .
It’s become a target with everyone around throwing darts.

I just turn and look back to 10 months ago
How did this start,when will the problems go??

Couldn’t believe what I’ve done to myself,
How did I get into this mess?

How can a girl who was all so quiet and shy once,
Just to become cool
Has changed her image in these months.

“High school” really proves its name and ask me how,
‘cause it makes things indifferent,
It has totally changed me now!

When you’re a junior being in high school looks so much fun,
But believe me its not so
You’ll see for yourself when its done.

it changes your life completely,
it changes you.
The friends you had all past years of life,
Wouldn’t be the same and look someone new.

You can’t trust anyone, they maybe fake,
Don’t tell them your secrets or weakness for God’s sake!
They’ll use it against you as a deadly weapon
Torturing you , paving your path all the way to heaven!

There are “secret alliances” and “proxy wars”,
For love , grades, revenge, popularity and power

People who only use you
Talk sweetly and flatter ,
But later on would crush you like a tissue
And throw you in litter.

The siblings always blackmailing you back at home,
All the scolding and being grounded,
The parental pressure pushing you to doom
Your so-called true love would in the end turn out to be false.
They’ll be standing out and mocking you
After misusing your innocence.

I feel so depressed ,
There’s no shoulder to cry on
And nobody to listen.

The life looks ugly and finished,
The world is going fainter and diminished.

The cuts I made to myself,to prove out my anger
Will heal after some time.
But what about my heart that was stabbed by million daggers,
Isn’t there any punishment for this crime???

Its been a long year of experiences so vast
The lessons I’ve learnt from them will always last.

All my tears and cuts, to this world won’t ever matter.
They won’t even notice it’
Neither sooner nor later.

Enough! That’s it now,I wont cry any more,
Instead,I’ll stand up again to open life’s new door!

I owe from today to be strong and
Before this selfish world never to bend,
I won’t hurt myself and I will be there for me till the end !!!


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EspumosoNayade said...
Jul. 16, 2011 at 4:31 am
Totally agree! :(
IreneFatima replied...
Jul. 27, 2011 at 9:49 am

thanx for agreeing espumoso:)

high school teaches us alot.....

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