December 20, 2007
Mother accused of neglect,
but she swears that its not true,
now she sits in a court room,
awaiting for the verdict made by people she never knew.
Her hands folded upon her lap,
tears falling to the floor,
her baby's scent is all she can smell,
her empty arms cant take anymore.
The doors open the room grows silent,
her heart is beating very fast,
but in walks a priest and guard,
to tell her that her child has passed.
She looks into their faces,
deep into the depth of their eyes,
waiting for them to take back the words,
"please come with us now and say your goodbyes".
This woman who was wrongly accused,
stands in a crowed room yet all alone,
listening to the cause of death,
and how these *bunny*s broke every bone.
Unable to continue living,
she takes her own life instead,
she had no meaning at all anymore,
cause her meaning of life was dead.

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