Another Terrible Blind Date

June 23, 2011
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Hi, my name is Katie.

I’m a friend of Chris’s.
You can call me J.D.

I’m his proctologist.

Really? Well, uh, what made you

Want to get into proctology?
For one thing, I really like the word “spew.”

And my brother beat me to studying urology.

I enjoy my job very much—

I’m a celebrity’s personal trainer.
Do you still have your sense of touch?

I’ve heard it can be negatively affected by entertainers.

Yes, I’m fine.

Thank you for caring.
Now let’s dine.

How ‘bout some plate-sharing?

This restaurant is pretty nice, huh?

It’s my first time at O’Grady’s.
I’d rather be having some pho.

For a giant bowl, I’d dig to Hades.

What do you do in your spare time?

Anything you usually keep on the hush?
I like to commit small crimes.

They give me such a rush.

Chris didn’t tell me all this.

He said we’d be a perfect match.
Speaking of, Chris tested positive for a serious illness.

I advise you not to get too attached.

It’s getting late.

Let’s call it a night.
No! This is fate!

And I haven’t even gotten a chance to sip my Sprite.

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