The littlest penguin

December 20, 2007
I am so little the penguin said to his mother
All the other kids think I am such a bother
If I list a few things then you would know,
Why I am such a pain in the snow.

The boys and I make igloos and they are so fun
But I can reach the top to pack snow so it doesn’t melt by the sun
For snowball fights that’s another thing
My ball doesn’t fly half a feet.

When Christmas is here and Santa comes
They all go spying and leave me alone.
I stay at home wondering why me
I pray to god and ask him send someone to play with me,
But still he doesn’t here so I go to sleep
And wonder why everyone thinks I am such a creep.

Then the mother replied, oh honey I love you from the moon and back
It doesn’t matter if tall short lanky or fat
As long as you’re mine it doesn’t matter
Cuz short people rule and out of all of them you are the master.

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