What could I say?

December 20, 2007
By Caitlin Mahoney, Shirley, MA

What could I say?

Why won’t he say something?
I think, “Why can’t he just tell me, I already know?”
Finally, he wants me to know

Now how am I supposed to not care?
Part of me wants to know what’s coming,
Then again I’m scared of what might happen

This is where the calls stop
The love notes return to sender

That’s it!

He can’t take it anymore
No matter what I say or do
He’s going to tell me what’s on his mind

His eyes meet mine

My heart skips a beat
Preparing for its race with destiny

All this time I’ve been avoiding the ringing,
The full mailbox, and the awkward staring

But now I feel it too
I understand


But we don’t need to say anything

My eyes are transparent as I gaze into his

His hands are like clouds as he pulls me in

Closer, closer

I can’t turn back now, neither of us want to

Finally, I know, my first

The greatest moment of my dreams comes true

I was scared of what might go wrong

As his lips met mine, fears were washed away

Even if I wanted to say something

What could I say?

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