December 20, 2007
By Megan Elzey, Bluffton, IN

What you did has no excuse
No matter what your mind tells you
Your abuse and misuse
Is your own sick doing

His voice shook as he told me
Of your wrongful doing
And now my hand shakes
As I contemplate
Searing your flesh with this blade

Each breath I take
Is squeezed from my chest
A painful reminder
Of your disgusting face

I wonder if it hurts you
I hope it does
Every night you lay in bed and think
What have I done?

You’ve rewritten my opinion
Deleted our friendship
With one single act
Of abomination

Someday, someone
Will sear your flesh
With a single blade
And end your charade

I hope it happens soon

It wont be by me
I wont even look at you
Every time I do
I almost kill you

So now I’ve cut my ties
I wish I had never
Believed your lies

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