Is this how our story goes?

December 20, 2007
By Courtney Robb, White City, KS

Is this how our story goes?
Trials filled with woes
Best friends to the end,
True words not a trend?

But what’s it represent?
Just fun times well spent?
We can joke, we can giggle
But we never give a snivel.

Any time a pain arrived,
We said we would survive.
Without each other, without a glower
And without a helpful offer

We shoved it down so deep
Not a soul could catch a peep.
We’ve shrunken every hit
Say we can deal with it.

But we forgot our guarantee,
To be there until eternally
Instead of asking if their okay,
We just turn the other way.

We’ve been friends for three long years
And still we won’t admit our tears.
Six months, another friend I’ve had
To him I can tell all: good and bad.

I don't know what to do,
To get the truth out of you.
Things have never worked,
Your heart always stays blocked.

This how our story goes,
Stick together, beating foes.
Best friends until the end,
Truest words not just a trend!

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