Ode for You

June 19, 2011
By Kails BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
Kails BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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Ode to You
I felt all my muscles pull at my core,
Reaching their tiny hands
Deep into the pit of my stomach,
Twisting arms into great knots of desire.
They cried for you and screamed for you
The moment I grasped your eyes
And their pure blue stillness
With infinite depths that I continue to fall deeply into.
A fear of my own longing made me look away,
And the hands only began tearing,
Clawing through my insides,
Forcing the cathartic blood to my head.

The same hot blood that fills my throat
As a tsunami forms in my mouth
Creeping towards my lips,
It pushes and pushes,
Dying to crash and spill violently into your ears
These abundant, pent-up words
Formed from disappointing unfulfillments and bitter regrets.

And the worst of this?
Next time I meet those eyes,
I will only again fall.

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