June 19, 2011
By Andrew Bleidner BRONZE, Southbury, Connecticut
Andrew Bleidner BRONZE, Southbury, Connecticut
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Dead person poem
When you died,
no one cried.
People stay inside,
where they reside,
where they hide.
From the pain,
you brought disdain ,
pleas refrain,
the wave of fear
crashes on the shore,
knocks on our doors.
pounding on our hearts.
you plotted your way,
until the day,
you made it shower,
blood from the towers.
now your grave is left without flowers.

Strides paced by internal metronome
mind takes over only to loose control
eyes dilated
heart pounding
teeth sawing
gnawing on bars
like speeding cars
pace back and forth
like a dwarf
covered in fluff
your not so tuff
you must think its funny to be a bunny

Why is she loOKing at me?
Why wont she stop?
Stop you bitter old hag
Stop staring at me
what is it?
just say it!
Do you see something you like?
you hate?
you fear?
just say it!
Am I really that interesting
what is it
is it my color?
You loOK like an overdone Christmas tree , covered in your tacky possessions
with your red lipstick
your green leather heels
and your florescent colored hair
but lets not forget the star of your tree, that diamond you like flaunting on your hand
you probably think I'm going to take your diamond
when the funny thing is that you you probably robbed me
my family, my people
You and your banks and stocks
Foreclosing homes
High taxes
And lets not forget your attitude
You think your better than me
Think again
Think back to the first time you ever had to work for something
Think about the first time
The only time you didn't have something done for you
just sit down and think
Don't think about all the pretty diamonds out their
Think about the men who dug them from the soil
Think of me.

Free choice
Try to understand
Try to take my hand
Try to see what I see
Try to be like me
Try to live your life like another
Try to change without stutter,
Try to stop and drop the old you
Try to start anew.
Go live your life ,
Go I'm not your wife,
Go do what you want,
Go don't let my memory haunt you
Go try to change yourself,
Go rest your worries on a shelf,
Go away,
Go, don't come back today
or any other day.
Go don't stay ,
Go I don't need you,
Go that's all I want you to do,
Go back to the days where you were just you.

Time goes by
children cry
Not understanding why
playing games
not intending to bring shame
Children swarm
parents torn
watching youth attack
no one understands why
these days go by
like the flight of a fly
children weren't taught to hate but to alienate
no one more upset
than the parents who hope to soon forget

Childhood memory
leather worn
seems torn
well brOKen in
soles thin
taking me places
worn to many races
one day at a race
instead of first place
a blister
week without racing
my heart was pacing
I had no laughter
wOKe up the next day
my shoes weren't OK
missing from my room
then I soon
found a new pair
on the edge of my stair
that day I thought
my race was lost
I went on to the race
to win first place
and then I knew
I it wasn't because of a shoe
but rather
perseverance held true

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