The Bat

December 20, 2007
If flew in the night.
It was almost a blur.
I could just make out the picture of the bat.
His small black eyes staring straight at me,
And a sense of fear ran though my body.
I heard a voice coming from inside my head,
“Come to me,” it says,”Come to me my love.”
A thick fog settled on the ground,
I decided that it was getting late and started to head home.
I knew that I lived to the left of where I was standing,
But my legs were taking me right, and not left.
With all my might I tried to stop and turn around,
But alas, my legs would not respond.
I looked around me to see if there was anyone who could help,
There was no one.
But I saw, once again, the bat,
He was the one telling my legs where to go.
Its screeching some how memorized my body.
He led me to a darkened meadow,
With an abandon shack right in the middle.
With one candle lighting the window,
While the rest of the house was dark.
Once more the bat screeched,
And my legs took me up to the door.
My hand reached out to the handle e and opened the door,
I knew all was lost now that my arms wouldn’t respond either.
I stood there motion less,
But another force pulled me in.
It was not the bat,
But one that was coming from inside the shack.
I stood in the darkness, staring at the candle,
Its flame flickered and the force that pulled me in was now standing behind me.
Two hands came out from the darkness,
And grabbed me from behind.
“Good work my pet.” Said the voice,
His voice sounded like a million angel choir.
His face grew closer to my ear,
His lips just inches from my cheek.
His left arm wrapped around my waist,
While his free arm rubbed up and down my thigh.
My breath quickened and I shivered,
Both with fear and excitement.
He kissed my cheek, and then my ear lob, and he kissed me lower and lower,
And stopped at the base of my neck.
Two of his finger traced my cheek,
And down to my chest.
He kissed the base of my neck and spoke these words,
“Now we will be together forever, my love, my Rachel.”
His hot breath moistend my neck,
And with that he shoved his teeth into my neck.
The pain was like nothing I ever felt,
I could feel it spreading through my body.
I wanted to scream,
I wanted to push him away.
But the bat that was above the candle,
Held its spell.
I looked straight into the bats eyes and told him,
“I’m not Rachel.”

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