December 19, 2007
We both have dark brown eyes;
Yet what we see through them is different.
Through mine I see crystal visions of joy, triumph, love.
His eyes only allow him to see my faults, my mistakes or my fears.
For all these reasons –
We are different.

We both have round shaped faces;
But the expressions worn across them are different.
My round face wears expressions of happiness, wonder, and hope.
His round face wears expressions of anger, frustration and arrogance.
I cannot help it; he will always be part of me-
We are so very different.

We both have the habit of sometimes being spiteful;
My spitefulness stems from being hurt.
While his spitefulness stems simply from cold bitterness and
Disappointment in himself.
I thank God that we are different.

We are the same, and yet so different.
He will always be my father, and I will always be his daughter.
I will never become him, neither will he become me.
We are the same and yet so different.

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