The Good Life

December 19, 2007
By Becky Jepson, Chapel Hill, NC

Have you ever seen what happens when you let time stop?
When you live in the moment, be in the now, and forget your ticking clock

If you haven’t, then you should
If you have, isn’t it good?

When the thrill of a moment lasts a lifetime
And the warmth of a smile lasts one more

When all that could go wrong goes right
So you stay awake laughing all through the night

When the simplest things make you smile anyway
You know that you’ll think happy thoughts this day

When your favorite song is on the air
So you sing it and live it as loud as you dare

It’s these things that keep us going you see
The good is what makes us the best we can be

But if you still think that it’s all untrue,
Why would the world’s six billion people all be against you?

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