December 19, 2007
By Andy Emery, Louisville, KY

Country is the only thing on the radio.
I tried to stay calm.
How could I when nausea overtakes me?

Thirty more minutes till we got to the park-
the first real test of my skills.
Now just twenty more minutes,

I looked out the window to see farm land.
Fifteen minutes to get my mind off of the ball game.
cow, horse, duck, chicken...

I sat there trying to get my mind off the game,
what the heck, did I just see that duck? I asked.
I looked at the clock, ten minutes to go.

Only five more minutes,
I never knew how nervous a game could make me,
as I sat there I find how close I was.

I could see the towering lights.
Williamsport was so close,
one minute from little league champions.

Game time, one chance to be known by the world-
one game to show what were made of,
and defeat is not in my vocabulary.

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