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May 11, 2011
By AlexusWhite GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
AlexusWhite GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
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One of the funniest things about life is crying, it's suppose to be a sad feeling that you get when it happens. But then after you're done crying you feel like you have had someone come buy you and take you weight off your shoulders, so smile now.

Pitt-er patter
Fall down to me
Just as the tears that will fly to met the rain, as it runs behind you.
Trying to keep up it will fall…
As it shatters you can see the words of my heart in the shards of glass.
The light cetches my reflection with the clamoring insite of a trobeled teen,
Behind the face that has a permanent smile plastered on it.
Just one time
Just please someone find me
Going into the world alone with out you, will make them fall
A whisper of effection
A kiss of truth
You are my someone
My Always and Forever
You are my Sunshine
Chasing away the Rain and Pain
Bringing my world light, warmth all just to confort me,
You help my true smile brake through
All that is left to say is…
I Love You, Vincent

The author's comments:
To my ever lasting, loving boyfriend, vincent i love you baby. :) always and forever

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