February 29, 2008
By Lauren Ungar, Westlake, OH

You wake up in the morning,
And look in the mirror,
At your big red clown nose.
You sigh as you get dressed,
Knowing the ridicule you face,
When you get to school,
You just proudly walk through the halls.
Trying to cover your shame with fake pride,
And you laugh with everyone who laughs at you.
If only you had been a little more careful with the super glue,
That now holds the red foam to your nose,
And you wish you hadn’t decided to be a clown for Halloween.
Well clowns do make people laugh,
Just like you do now.
With your big red nose,
That turns you whole face red.
You would do anything to get the stupid thing off.
But once you do, maybe you might finally see
What was lying beneath it all along.

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