February 28, 2008
By Christian Gonzales, Phoenix, AZ

Tell me the truth, should i be Obsorbing Myself in Tears I regret Shedding
Possibly you might be creating perdition in my life
Trying your heart out to create a plethora of perplexed problems for me to solve
Continuesly Casting Sorrow, Drowing me in your Lies
Truthfully, Are you really so conniving,wicked, and chaotic?
Believe Me, Looking in the mirror is hard enough as it is
Pondering, so much about Finding my inner self the Correct way
Do I have to run so far that my lungs have to cry out ENOUGH?
Should i have to make you hear my Heart Beat?
Basically, Do i have to prove who i am, or do you just know?
Begging to you, i would get on my hands and knees, for you to know my wishes dwell in me
It's You I know it!
Then, you make me think it's not you, because you do things that are very noxious for my two eyes to see
You do them over and over again
Then i feel very blithe when i seem to forget you
Do i deserve a comeuppance for saying that?
Will you glower at me with your dark muddy brown eyes?
Theres something about you, i can't let you go
My Body is a temple for you and only you
Theres somethings I adore about you
I get so Jocosed when i see you smile with your luminous teeth
My nose smells the fragrance of your hair, it smells like a rose blooming on a spring day
Being in your presnece would make me feel like you are the right person for me
I need to tell you something it is very vital
I wish you were Real, you would be Perfect, because we may still have our up and downs but it would be okay
But your just a figure of my imagination

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