Worn out heart

February 28, 2008
By Niki Farahmand, Roanoke, VA

We’re standing still
As the world is spinning
You whisper in my ear
That we’re still winning

Our hearts caught up with us
But who ever knew,
That all the happiness in the world
Couldn’t fill my arms like you do

But while the light within us
Is brighter now,
The rock beneath my feet
Is cracking down.
And while the stars between us
Don’t seem as far anymore,
The glass has shattered
As the sand floods the floor.

The seconds are sprinting
They’re passing us now
I want to keep winning
But I don’t know how

And why can’t I find
The words engraved in my brain
I’ve rehearsed and I’ve prayed,
But I guess I’m not that brave

And as I take your hand,
I listen for your heart
And I can hear the rhythm
It’s what sets us apart

It’s either now or never
I’ll meet you half way
I think we can handle it
Let’s see how much more we can take

And I’ll show you life
Passion and all
So listen to the harmony
And I’ll catch your fall
As you reach far down
Just to find,
Your worn out heart
Buried deep in mine

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