Dark Harvest

June 20, 2011
By Blooddrinker9755 PLATINUM, Batavia, Ohio
Blooddrinker9755 PLATINUM, Batavia, Ohio
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"Tears are words the heart can't express”

Depriving on my ignorance and holding in my breathe.Significance is bleak. Finally this wounded heart beats faintly to its last and only death. Sewn my lips so I'm incapable to speak. Can't get these words to form. Slipping away into a black world. Where my nightmares roam free. I can't claw my way out of this abyss. Digging deeper into my grave, people swarm around me to know the lies. How I crave to find peace, to find my own ginger bliss. To taste freedom on my tongue. To finally fly away. No one will find my secrets. Caressing the riddled lies. Blinded by the blood that seeps through my fingers in my hand. Tears crawl down my cheek and seeing the mess I've created I scream with fear. A blade glistens at my side and taunts me so sickly. It waits for me to say the word, at my command. Tainted with sin, I can never forgive myself for everything I've done this past year. Cuts, scars lie blindly on my arms. How Azrael causes me so much pain. How can he hurt me? I've caused so much harm. I'm to feeble to defend myself, I'm too blind to realize I'm blind because I won't open my eyes to see. Why won't he listen? Can't he see me? Am I alone?

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