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June 20, 2011
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There lay her corpse, I looked without a blink,
at those still rosy lips
her silky black hair,
her skin smooth and fair.

The old school memories clicked in my mind,
In our Biology class, us together everyone used to find.
Often, a friend or two teased us and stare
“OMG! What a cute looking pair!”

We grew on each other
Shared secrets and were always together ?
It wasn’t love, it wasn’t friendship,
Just an unknown sweet relationship <3

“I love u dear, would you marry me?”
I thought and laughed on the outside.
But I knew my soul was burning inside.
On my these jokes, she’d blush silently
Just looking in her book without a reply.

These happy moments just passed by quietly,
Soon the time arrived to loosen the bond
Which had bonded us tightly.

We moved onto different universities,
Saw less of each other
But in my heart I missed her crazily.

Till I heard of her news this day,
That she was knocked down by a car
And had passed away.

And today I stood there unable to react,
So I went up to her room to overcome this fact.
My eyes travelled to the things around
Her study table, her books and our old photographs.

‘Textbook of BIOLOGY-II’, the book caught my sight;
What was it doing there
After three years in line?

I flipped through the pages, now torn and old
Then I saw it
The shock that left me lifeless and cold.

In the chapter on human heart,
In block letters was that description-
‘I love u too. . . .’,
My name followed every inscription.

An earthquake erupted under my feet,
I wept like a child.
My life was ravaged, the sorrow was tough, but I tried.

No matter where she is now
Some where we know we’ll meet
& this time I won’t miss telling her
“Dear, you are a special part of me”.

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EspumosoNayade said...
Jul. 16, 2011 at 4:29 am
Emotions very well expressed.....
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