What the dream told me

February 28, 2008
By Lance Shen-Kinny, Basking Ridge, NJ

There was this person,
That had a dream
Which had a funny little scheme,
A world of happiness, peace tranquility,
Colors mixed and flying together
White, black, yellow and red
No cruelty, no evil, just beauty, no dread,
Cakes, sweet gumdrops and bread,
Nothing is evil, so just go to bed.
Than a thought passed through this world,
I think I am better,
I think I am nicer,
I think I am dominant.
I woke up early next day, knowing what I should do,
I should fight that guy who came from Timbuktu.
But would that be right, would that be wrong,
Will I be sad, am I being a little headstrong?
Suddenly I understood what the dream mean’t,
And I was scared,
Scared as a baby,
Thought sitting dry inside
Thunder striking out,
Making you just want to shout,
“What should I do,
What should I say?”
Said the person who wasn’t having a good day.

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