What are Words?

June 20, 2011
By Lily Tran BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Lily Tran BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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What are words if you really don’t mean them when you say them?
Are they supposed to mean something to me?
Let me tell you what they mean to me;
Nothing and they will never mean anything to me,
Not anymore.

I’m done hearing your lies,
I’m done trying to understand what you say
I’m done putting all my effort to believe you when you can’t even tell me the truth
I’m done.

The words you say can affect a person real bad
However, it could be good too
Just be careful on what you say in the future
It hurts to know the person you trust lies,
But it also hurts to know the truth.

How can simple words hurt someone so much?
Maybe it’s because the person really cares
Maybe it’s because that person can’t handle the truth
Or maybe because the simplest things is what causes something big.

It’s not easy taking in simple words that hurt you so much
It takes times to absorb
But it takes more time to heal the simple hurtful words that caused destruction to someone’s inside.

We don’t control what people say to us,
If we did,
There would be no freedom of speech
But sometimes we wish we could
But we can’t

The author's comments:
The inspiration i had when writing this piece was realizing people take advantage of each other. Most of the time they use words to do so. However,sometimes they may mix up the words to cause trouble.Seeing that made me want to write this.I want people to read this and know to be careful with their words. It's not easy taking something back when you already put it out there, so be careful on what you say.

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