Become Something

February 28, 2008
By Chelsea Soto, New York, NY

I'm trying to force these words from my mind, trying to make them rhyme
So when I read them the timing is impeccable
Matched with my heartbeat thriving its incredible
I'm trying to create these meatphors metaphysically
Trying to channel my inner alchemist
Trying to make you think of me, equate me, with greatness
Have you thinking is it easy when I make this?
These words and dreams and concepts and thoughts that you've never thought of
I put them together with the mess of my soul
Matched them so well like a puzzle
But they don't fit, they flow
Melting into one another, loosing each other in one another
So maybe I'm channeling my inner alchemist
And now I'm feeling kinda godly
Cus from nothing I've created something
And to you it may be nothing, but it is my world
See these thoughts were mine to think, these dreams were mine to dream, and these concepts were mine to concieve
So I threw all of me
And with this pen and this paper
I've made something so much more than words scribbled on a napkin
I've created my world drawn, for you to have access
Let you into the deep secrets of my mind, that not even I have whispered yet
Come in closer to the geuninity of me.
My authenticity
What it is that makes me be
The writer that stands before you
Lyrically reiterrating the pain that makes
this writer that stands before you ; a writer
Scribbling or typing my imagination observing it's manifestation into my dreams come true
I write for me, not for you
These beats and these words are my her.
To love me for all of me, in my nothing
To help me become something.

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