Ode to Vanity

February 28, 2008
I always wondered what you think
When you see yourself in the mirror.
Do you question every blink?
Or wish your skin could be much clearer?

Do you like who you have become?
Or the person you have been to them?
Or how you pretend to be dumb?
Or those who saw you to be a gem?

Do you think of those left behind
When you tried to get yourself ahead?
Do you think of that girl who cried
When you decided to hate instead?

I like to see my reflection!
I wish you could say the same thing, too.
And if you look for some affection
You will not get it from me, will you?

You know how you left be behind,
And all about your unhealthy skin.
And just because you’ve lost your mind,
Proves that losers like you don’t win.

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