Without You

February 28, 2008
You might not know now
but you will someday
how much I love and care
for you in every single way
Your unique your special
your the only one
don't shut me out and tell me I'm done !
What you say it breaks my heart
that you want us separated apart
I look into Daddy's eyes
and I see a broken heart
that cries and cares for his son,
a love that will never depart
I'm sorry for yesterday
and I'm sorry for tomorrow
but today lets not end with sorrow
Life wouldn't be the same without you
you might not believe it but it's true
you could never be replaced or misplaced
please stop this chase
My heart is like a puzzle
your a piece of my puzzle
without you I'm incomplete
without you my heart
wont make another beat
Love can be a passion
love can be a pain
but family love isn't the same
without your name !

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