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June 16, 2011
By el_Tremendo BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
el_Tremendo BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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“ Fill in the blank
We forget the past
Remember the beginning,
But can’t predict the future****.
I once got lost along a road
To find a destined place called home
I looked, looked, and looked….
But didn’t see
I was like a fish lost in an open sea***
Swam here swam there
Swam everywhere.
Until I saw…. BRING!!!!!!!!!!!
That was the boring old “school” bell
My reality is like a puzzle
I look for the pieces to put it together,
The only problem is i don’t seem to find them.
I stay in school
Trying hard not to drool
But it’s a challenge.
My life is a challenge
I just don’t know what I’m being challenged in
But I guess my challenge is to figure out my challenge
That makes it challenging.
In fact writing this poem is a challenge*****
The good thing is that I am able to overcome this challenge.
And I will overcome my life challenge.


****Literal language




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