Dreams and Nightmares

June 16, 2011
By VOI290 BRONZE, Farmingdale, New York
VOI290 BRONZE, Farmingdale, New York
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"The most important thing you could ever do is follow your dreams, you don't have to be the best at what you do because people have already changed the world without being the best"~ Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

Once not so long ago
and not so far away
There lived a king named Con
who ruled in his own way

For the king had two daughters
who did most of his work
controlling mortal minds at night
while he just sat and smirked

The oldest of his daughters
Drea was her name
lived a life of fantasy
of fortune smiles and fame

The younger one is Eram
beauty in a twisted way
she used to be like Drea
till darkness led her astray

Now she roams the skies at night
making mortals fear
but not to worry friend
our story won't end here

For every hundred years you see
the sisters could come down
living as mortals for seven days
they walk amongst the town

but this week something happened
that's never occurred before
Drea felt a longing
of wanting something more

you see she met a man
a prince to be precise
she wanted to take a chance on love
and so she rolled the dice

and so she won the jackpot
in the form of the prince's heart
She fell in love with a mortal
But that is just the start

See the king knew of the havoc
Being caused on land
He couldn’t lose a daughter
So he had to take a stand

He called his daughter Eram
With a plan as dark as she
Drea heard and went to Con
But he could not let him be

For Drea told him everything
Of her immortal ways
They could no longer be together
This was the end of their days

So Eram carried out the plan
To trap him in the dark
He was captured in a nightmare
Lit by just a spark

Of all his fears rolled into one
This he couldn’t take
So he tied weights to his own feet
And jumped into the lake

Drea being mortal still
Lost her will to live
The man she loved was dead and gone
So something had to give

Drea knew she had a fear
And this fear was to die
And so she went to Earm
With tears inside her eyes

She begged to live her nightmare
This only Eram could do
So Eram took Drea’s breath
Her face a bluish hue

So that my friends is the story
Of the daughters of the king
One driven so mad
By the funeral bells ring

That she beseeched her sister
And begged her kill her to
So now the world is darkness
Nothing anyone can do

I hope you enjoyed this story
And take guidance from its tale
How even the immortal
Can be so very frail

The author's comments:
I was sitting at home, wondering what it would be like to have a single representation of nightmares and dreams, so I created these two characters Drea (Dream without the M) and Eram (Mare in Nightmare spelled backwards) and also created Con (the conscious) and added the idea that they were a sect of the Immortal and it all just kind of spilled out

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