dripping oozing glory

February 28, 2008
majesty majestic
mind intricate
colors unfathomable
how do you do it?
i resolve only that you
are the I Am

mind so majestic
and great
how do you weave so interactive a creation
even out of death?

a withering leaf in autumn is as a glowing gem
emanating with the evidence of sovereignty

or a dew swept blossom
pink as the light dawn
artwork and sweet maiz of veins

sweet symbols? and floating tonics?
what is music? but nothing-compared to the glorious heartbeat of our creator
if there is such a thing / if there is it must be the source of all sunlight, all goodness, everything delicious and fulfilling to the mirrored hearts of those many many.

who are you God but in everything, emanating from everything, your glorious juice is dripping from everything

and my heart
my heart alas... longs to lap it up as i lapse into the preeffacious state of joy long withheld~

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