May 31, 2011
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Before I sleep I think of you; it seems
so many nights alone I've spent in bed
that life is haunted by my darker dreams

and most of them chose you to be the theme
of tease and torment for my eyes that dread
to close, asleep. I couldn't help it seems

myself from losing you, a fate foreseen;
tomorrow's swift unlike my heart of lead
it shifts so smooth, so quick as would a dream

or stars, they're so elusive while they gleam
though recently I've heard that they're long dead
not sleepless as I'd dearly hoped it seems--

oh, soon enough I'll know what it all means.
I might have made you up inside my head
that's why you only come to me in dreams

but in these troubled thoughts, I'm caught between
what is and that which could have been instead.
I loved you but you hadn't known it seems
I’ll wait a while and tell you in your dreams.

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