February 28, 2008
By De'Von Holston, Cincinnati, OH

I love games so much.
But they are always so expensive.
The Playstation 3 is what I want.
but my mother said I have to wait.
So I wait and wait til this day I wait.
But no new game in my room.
I'm a very patient person,so I dont rush.
Well, unless I have to but I'm patient.
Everday I see a new game for the PS3.
But I can't play them because I don't hve one.
One day my mom says ''soon just wait soon''.
Today as all other days pass I wait.
Then I come to think I can't wait.
If i keep talking about it then i'm being impatient.
So does this mean I won't get the game.
I don't even know anybody with a PS3.
But then I see right there on my stand.
i jump with cheer and hug my mom and brother.
I even hug my dog, I guess it comes to show i can wait.
But I can't wait til I play my new games.

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