Broken Bridges and Over Dramatics

February 28, 2008
By Elizabeth Mapes, Cincinnati, OH

It was a warm summer night.
The streets were desolate
With small fragments of front porch lights shining off the sidewalks

It was late, very late
When my best friend and I
Lurked those vacant streets
Alone and fueled by caffeine and pure adrenaline,
We scampered merrily during those hours
Which we should have been sleeping

We were on our way to a friend’s
For a night-long adventure,
When we first encountered the Broken Bridge.

Orange cones were illuminated by distant lights

And the once concrete road was now an empty back void
Leading to a most unwanted drop

Were we afraid? Well, of course.
Did that stop us? Not a chance.

We crawled across a creaking beam,
Shrieking as pebbles fell below
And once we had crossed,
We laughed until our bodies went sore.

For the “drop” we had feared to be so low,
Turned out to be quite astonishingly shallow.

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