The Scars are here to Stay

May 31, 2011
By , lynwood, CA
It’s happened way too much
But also not enough
The arguments and angry thoughts
The holding hand and cuddly hugs
I can’t stand watching you
Maybe the way I feel is wrong
But with all of this I’m through
And the walls meant to protect my thoughts
Never stopped your bullet shots
That hit my heart and reached my mind
But on the outside I look just fine
You know I’m crazy and he does too
The difference is he cares, unlike you
Because you didn’t care, I don’t want him to
Because you hurt me so
I’m scared he’ll make my heart sore
Because you did the things you did
I wouldn’t open the door
But once I let him in
He made me happy crazy
Then got me dizzy and drunk
And all that I believed was true to the bottom it sunk
He always wore a mask
Yet even now I stare at an empty flask
Falling slowly toward the floor
Waiting for him to fill it with all his sweetness and more

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