Why I Write

February 28, 2008
By Danielle Duba, Cincinnati, OH

I write because sometimes people just don’t understand
I write to organize thoughts in my head
I write because it’s better than screaming
I write my thoughts while daydreaming
I write when I am feeling fear
Or simply wish to disappear
I write to you if you wish to know
The feelings that I’d like to show
I write on days when the rain gets to me
I write with depression overwhelming me
I write when happiness seems surreal
I write to tell you how I feel
I write when I’m inspired to
I write in ways unfathomable
I write when my voice is just too shaky to speak
I write when my fingers are just too weak
I write to God wondering if he hears
I write when the world sends me to tears
I write as I hide in my room
I write with pride. With shame. With doom.
I write to get across information
I write to take a short vacation
I write out of utter hate
I write when I feel it’s just too late
I write to comfort my only friends
I write of fantasy real or pretend
I write from perspective
Of me or the misunderstood
Even though it doesn’t sound good
I write to vent instead of complain
I write these words with regret and disdain
I write the things that no one will say
Too afraid of how they’ll have to pay
I write of things I wont accept
Unless I see them visually kept
I write as a way to relieve the stress
I write my secrets to confess
I write to take the pain away
I write when color fades to grey
I write to keep myself awake
I write with every breath I take
I write in song with and without rhyme
I write to help pass the time
I write with love, passion, and respect
I write with all my intellect
I write because speaking is too easy
I write when I feel the world mistreats me
I write to help me fall asleep
Or when my misery is just too deep
I write to help me let things go
I write the things my heart won’t show
I write because the world is bland
I write these words because I can

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