I Am….

February 28, 2008
By Andrew Anderson, Cincinnati, OH

I am the hero inside
I am the villain
Stopping only when I am done
I am the empty desk
In the corner of the room
Is this all a test?
I am the billions of people
That climbs the steps
To the steeple
I am the footsteps
Of a thousand unwanted
People in debt
I am the rich man
All cozy and warm
With the world in my hands
I am the eagle soaring
Or the old man
I am the one with many
But none at all
Not even a penny
I am the man
You stare at across the room
Without a plan
I am the forgiving
The one you understand
Never forbidding
I am the lost souls in empty hours
The ones that don’t back down
The ones with the power
I am the resistant one
Never giving in
Until my job is done
I am the coward
Ceasing to exist
In this last hour
I am the one you want to be
As I hold my head high
For the world to see
I am the never scared
Never afraid, never flinching
The one that never seems to care
I am the big brother
To all the ones around
To use me as their cover
I am the shield
Never breaking
The strength that I wield
I am the one with all the answers
But no answer at all
The dying cancer
I am the loved ones lost
Ant the loved ones here
But at a cost
I am the one you want to see
Before you go
I will tell you sir I AM ME
And as I say this to you
I hope you realize
You can’t be me too

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